Small Business SEO

If your business has a website, you’ll need to drive traffic to it in order to keep your business running and generating positive ROI. Whether your business is new or celebrating it’s tenth anniversary, you can always get more traffic to your site and earn more money.

Well, how do you do this? Three words: search engine optimization (SEO). In simple terms, this is getting your website as far up on Google search results pages as far as possible. Of course, you want to have your site displayed on the first page, but this can be tricky at times, depending on the competition your company faces.

If your site is on the 15th page of Google search results, for example, the chances of someone making all the way to the 15th page are seriously and tremendously slim. Most people don’t go further than the second results page when using search engines.

To get your site up as far as possible, you need to have content on your site. This content can’t just be some gibberish and random stuff; you need to have keywords and phrases, and even articles with those keywords in them.

The content you write for your site (or have written for you) needs to have titles with keywords in them as well; consumers will click on headlines or titles that catch their attention and indicate a solution to their problem or satisfy their needs.

An example of a title would be “5 Ways To Bake The Perfect Wedding Cake”. Consumers love to have articles or content that provides them multiple solutions or advice to solve their problems, and titles with odd numbers attract more attention than titles with even numbers.

Once you have a title, you need to create the content. It needs to be relevant and written professionally; no grammar mistakes, no poorly crafted sentences and keep the language simple and digestible for all reading levels. If you use incredibly academic language, readers will get bored, confused, and leave your site and never return.

Why do you have to create such readable content? Well, people will be reading it and you don’t want to have poorly crafted content; that will make your business look shoddy as well. Secondly, Google has “bots” that scan your content, looking for keywords and phrases, as well as grammar proficiency and content relevant to your site and business. They’ll also know if you plagiarize, so create original content.

Google’s bots will look at all of this and use it craft a “rating” for your site which will dictate where your site appears in search results.

Small businesses need to drive traffic to their sites in order to be sustainable businesses. If no one knows about your business, you need to take advantage of the internet and build up your site. Create original, eye­catching, and informative content that will pique a possible customer’s interest and lead them to your site.

Google wants your business to succeed, but you need to follow some of their rules. These guidelines are good for everyone, and I don’t think you’ll mind the increased profits you experience if you properly take advantage of SEO.  For more SEO help, check out Chico SEO King, Chico’s #1 authority on search engine optimization for small businesses, start ups, and local shops.

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