Chico State is The Best

Chico State is the absolute best place to attend college.

Why? It offers the best of both worlds in many different spheres.

First of all, it’s the perfect college town. Nearly everything is walking distance. If you live downtown, where most students do, you’re within less than a mile of everyone you know.

The university itself is amazing and is known for it’s dedication to student success. The classes are small, most professors are great, and there are numerous student services that are extremely useful.

The small class sizes make it a lot easier to get help from professors and make attending class not so incredibly boring because you’re usually doing group work or are somehow interacting.

On the other hand, it is the best party town. It’s not so big that the parties are overwhelming and sketch, but is not so small that there’s nothing going on.

There’s always at least four to seven parties going on at night Thursday through Saturday. What’s cool too is they’re not all Greek parties, there are some for GDIs too. This makes it fun to party hop and to have multiple options, so you’re not going to the same place all the time.

And there is always super fun day parties when the weather heats up. Which leads me to my next point, Chico has pretty awesome weather.

We have super hot summers but cold winters, then pretty moderate falls and springs. This is awesome because you don’t get too burnt out on the same weather.

Chico State’s campus is gorgeous. It’s filled with brick buildings, huge trees, a rose garden and even has a creek running through it which means you have to cross bridges.

The Greek life here at Chico State is also something to brag about. Our Greek chapters are not nearly as intense as most, which makes rushing a lot less stressful. Also, Greek life isn’t that exclusive or competitive. Of course there is some fun and friendly competition, it’s not weird to be friends with a lot of different chapters.

If you’re 21, the bars in Chico are unreal. The prices are dirt cheap; one of the most popular bars offer “power hour” which features 50 Cent shots.

If you want a good education, good friends, and a good time Chico State is the place to be.

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