Chico vs. Bay Area

The Bay Area is an awesome place. It’s culture is so rich and diverse, with people from literally all corners of the earth living there. The food is divine and can compete with the likes of New York and blows LA out of the water.

There’s plenty to do, whether it’s going to one of the many museums, art exhibits, sporting events, and the like. Seemingly every weekend there is some kind of event going on, and a lot of them are free to attend, or very cheap.

While there’s plenty to do and tons of great food to eat, there’s a few flaws with the Bay Area. One problem, and probably the biggest issue, is the cost of living in the area is astronomical.

Another problem is that the area is spread out, so going from the South Bay to the West Bay, for example, can take quite a long time, especially with traffic.

But back to the cost of living. I was born in the Bay Area and know exactly what it’s like to live there, and boy, is it expensive. If you’re renting a place, and chances you are, you better have a steady job that pays well or you’re going to have to live in some shabby apartments.

If you live in San Francisco, rent is going to take up a huge chunk of your paycheck and it won’t make up for the fact that your closet back home has more room than the place you live in now.

If you live in San Jose and your job happens to be in Saratoga or even Berkley, you’re going to have to leave more than an hour before work, because the freeways will always be packed. Once you’re on the way home, you better know alternate routes because the traffic will be much, much worse.

Chico is an awesome place. The culture is vibrant and the people are so nice. Rent is pretty cheap, especially compared to the Bay Area, and if you have kids it’s a fantastic place for them to grow up.

Everyone in Chico is so friendly, and it seems like a mini version of the Bay. Many people are transplants from the Bay Area, and they bring the culture and fun with them. The college students make the place seem even more fun and young, in case you’re starting to feel a little old.

Chico is better than the Bay Area for many reasons. It’s cheaper, less spread out, just as diverse in culture, and just as beautiful. The foothills are just as majestic as the view of the ocean.

You don’t leave the Bay Area behind when you come to Chico. It’s already here.

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