3 flawless steps to seducing that MILF you have your eye on

Can’t keep your mind off that one MILF from the gym? Obsessed with the sophisticated older regulars at your favorite bar? Need to get that sexy older woman’s number you always see at the market? Well, you’re going to have to put your cougar hunting skills to work.
Seducing older women isn’t as easy as messaging your twenty-something Tinder matches if they’re “down to have some fun”. You’re going to actually have to flirt to get with older women, and you’re going to have to flirt well.
Getting with MILFS isn’t hard if you know the right things to say and do and which apps to use.  I personally met my MILF at Cougar Dating Hookup .com It all comes down to balancing your youthful playful side and your more sophisticated tendencies. Here are a few fool-proof steps to seducing that MILF you can’t stop thinking about.
1. Sincerely flatter her
Bad canned pick-up lines aren’t going to work with women of a certain age. You’re going to actually have to be observant and deliver compliments that warrant flushed cheeks – not eye rolls.
Cheesy can be a total winner if done well, but make sure that if you’re going to go the pun-y route that you make sure your brand of cheese is gourmet and not the kind that spurts out of a can.
Cougars like younger men, not little boys. So, make sure that your brand of flirting is somewhat sophisticated. That being said, don’t be too serious. Too serious is just as off putting as too goofy, so find that sweet spot. If you’re unsure of where your compliments fall on a scale of cringe-worthy to swoon-inducing, enlist the help of a buddy or a female friend.
2. Keep age out of the conversation
I feel like this is obvious, but no woman of a certain age wants to be reminded that she is indeed of a certain age. Don’t remind her that she’s middle-aged. That won’t bode well for you. Not only will you not get laid, you’re likely to get chewed out. Older women are certainly not afraid of putting you in your place.
Let her bring up topics surrounding age like kids, college experiences, and past marriages. If she wants to talk about these topics which will certainly be telling of her age, then that’s okay. Just don’t bring these up yourself.
Some women won’t care about the age difference (which might be signaled by her bringing these topics up), but some may feel uncomfortable if her age gets highlighted in conversation.
3. Be a gentleman
Yes, you’re young and fun which is what is probably one of the things older women will find endearing about you. But that doesn’t mean that you should act like a toddler.
You need to walk that line between mature and youthful, which includes being a gentleman. Yes, you should refrain from being stiff but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand when she enters a room or pull out her chair for her.
These things indicate that you were raised right and have respect for women, which older women demand. You won’t be able to walk all over a MILF even if you wanted to, so don’t let chivalry die for your generation with you.