How I Started Writing

My mom was actually the first person to encourage me to start writing. She was a psychology major in college, so she was always reading up on ways improve mental health. When I was little, I didn’t think anything of it, and I started to really develop a love for it! I would write about my day, or things my little sister did that would anger me, or write fiction stories about super heroes I would make up in my head. I absolutely loved making up stories about different fictional characters, and even started bringing my stories to school for show-and-tell. When I got a little bit older, I started getting made fun of for my fictional stories I would write, and I got very discouraged, so I would hide my articles from my family and friends and would only write them for myself. It became less fun when I wasn’t appraised for writing. I would hide my journal when my friends came over because I was so embarrassed to be doing such a “girly” thing, as they said. It wasn’t until I took English in high school when I started showing people my work again. I had a teacher (that was a male) teaching my English class, and he really encouraged us to break out of our shell when we were writing. When he started congratulating me on my work, I became more confident and got over my discouragement with writing. I soon learned that what people don’t know, is that people who journal actually have less anxiety, are more organized, and become better readers/writers; all from just writing your feelings are or what you did that day in a notebook! When I learned the benefits of writing, I threw all of the discouragement away and completely embraced it. If you feel discouraged for journaling, don’t! It’s an awesome¬†way to let things go and stay organized. Keep Calm and Write On!