A complete guide to Fetlife (9 dos and don’ts)

Dating and hooking up is difficult enough without the added factor of looking for someone with kinks that match yours. Thankfully you don’t have to go to a fetish club or a play party to find like-minded people! If you don’t know about Fetlife, you need to join asap.
Fetlife is essentially Facebook for kinky people! It’s free to use but you can choose to pay $30 for six months to scroll further down your timeline, scroll further down the Kinky & Popular page, and watch videos! However, you totally don’t need to throw money at the site to use it effectively (though the videos people post are sometimes better than professional porn, sooo drool worthy).
Here are a few things you need to know if you’re new to the site!
Do: “Love” people’s pictures
One of the main functions of the site is for kinky people to share what they do in their personal lives! You shouldn’t feel like a creep for “loving” people’s pictures! Even if they’re nudes. Don’t feel uncomfortable, they’re sharing it because they want people to look at it.
If you want, leave a comment! I’m sure the poster will appreciate the attention, for a lot of the, it’s probably their kink!
Don’t: Add people randomly
One thing that is a huge problem on the site is that people love to go around on the site and add random people. Friend collecting is not only annoying but it feels ingenuine. Instead of adding someone as a friend, follow them instead. People are unlikely to add you as a lot of photos and videos people post can be limited to “friends only”.
If you like someone’s posts but haven’t talked to them, see if they allow the follow feature!
Do: Read people’s bio’s
Before you go sending someone a message or making a comment, read their profile! You should definitely try to get an idea of what a person is about before interacting with them! Just because someone is attractive doesn’t mean they’re your type or that they want to talk to you.
People are into some weird stuff! The last thing you want to do is message someone only to find out that they’re into something that totally turns you off. What a waste of time!
Don’t: Be too forward
Yes, the site is centered around sex. Yes, people post a lot of nudity. Yes, some people are looking to fuck immediately. However, not everyone is.
You need to approach people with the same amount of respect and caution as you would in a vanilla dating scenario. Just because someone posts nudes, doesn’t mean they want to have sex with everyone.
There is nothing worse than an empty profile! So, post! Make a bio, post a photo (even if you leave your face out), participate in the community!
Take quizzes and post your results or make one of these maps of your sexuality! This will give profile-viewers a great idea of what you’re about!
Don’t: Be a dick
This should go without saying: but be nice (unless someone asks you to be mean, wink wink). If you’re nice people will be nice in return and you might even get laid!
Do: Join groups and have fun!
The kink sex community is strong, so why not join it. There are groups on the site for everything from sex to books! So join some groups and make some friends!