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How To Show Your Emotions Through Graphic Designing

Technology - admin - August 14, 2022

How To Show Your Emotions Through Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a form of art; the only difference is that instead of paint, pencils, pens or brushes a graphic designer picks up a laptop. Like various modes of art create an emotional impact on a person, graphic designers intend to create the same impact on their viewers.

While making an emotional design a designer has to keep in mind what he/she wants to display and colors play a very important role in that. It is known that colors are always associated with certain emotions. I saw a cyber-security company’s templates once and they were mostly in the combination of navy blue and black. As a viewer I felt much secured because of the visual effect it had on me. Like that if you come across a site related to nature you will see that the color palate used is only in the shades of green or yellow so that if anyone views their page they are easily going to know that it’s related to nature because of the visual impact the colors had. The color green makes us feel trust and the color yellow makes us feel joy. Though people can interpret colors differently and in their own way but some colors have the same impact on everyone, for example red- red portrays anger and rage.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers intend to make their work memorable by making people laugh or scared or smile, and when people feel these emotions seeing a design or a logo or a poster a designer knows that his/her work is done.

When a company’s logo is to be made the emotional factor has to be kept in mind. For example, when a company makes products for moms and babies they mainly use lighter shades of pink or blue in their logo to convey the sweetness of the maternal care aspect. They want the viewers to know that they care. These factors attract more and more customers.

Graphic Designing

I once came across a poster for anti-violence, the background was in black and red combination which portrayed the intensity of the matter, and a hand in the color white was held up and fisted as if in protest. The design and the combination of colors is bound to ignite a little bit of fear in any person who comes across the poster.

Even posters of movies are always enticing; they make you anticipate for the movie to be released soon. Even teasers or trailers of movies with “coming soon” written at the end of the video hypes people up and strengthens the audience base.

Illustrations are a big part of graphic designing too and people often tend to relate more with illustrations than writings. During the pandemic I came across many illustrations showing a boy or girl sitting alone in a room staring outside portraying the situation people of every age group all over the world were facing and I was able to make an emotional connection with the given images. You will come across many illustrations like that made for different situations and people who have been through the same situation always tend to make an emotional connection with the images.

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